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What is Playbook?

Playbook's vision is to be your guide in building brand loyalty and turning customers into a community without intimidation or confusion.

Experience the ultimate virtual getaway with our weekly blend of captivating content, showcasing the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty, crypto, and web3 trends. We capture the essence of these worlds, delivering curated articles that delight and inspire.

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Playbook by Kalder will be posting ‘Plays’ once a week.

Does Playbook by Kalder have a paid offering?
Currently, the entirety of Playbook is free.

Want to know more about Kalder?
Check out Kalder.app and learn about our Use Case

How can I get involved?
We believe that our readers are an important part of our journey and we'd like to invite YOU to participate in the curation process! If you’d like your article to be featured on Playbook share and send your material to hello@kalder.xyz

Who is behind this?
Playbook is a subsidiary of Kalder. Kalder is providing the infrastructure and tools to help brands revamp their loyalty program.

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